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Dear Readers and Advertisers 
Will June 2021 rival May 1945 as liberation month? Most folk are too young to remember that great feeling of relief when the war in Europe came to an end. Can the end of this past year of turmoil, worry and grief equal that VE Day feeling? Probably not as the 2nd World War lasted five long, horrible years and Covid has only plagued us for just over a year so far. The deprivation has not been the same and the rebuilding will be different in nature but there is no doubt that lots of change has happened and there will be a new normal for many. However, 21st June could still be the start day for celebration. A day to thank all those dedicated NHS staff who have battled through for us, to thank all those teachers who have tried to keep educating our children in very trying circumstances and the thin blue line who have had to keep the Covid peace as the rules kept changing. Spare a thought also for those who have had to make the big decisions on our behalf. Not much in the past year has been easy but hope springs eternal and this month might just lead us back to a life we are used to. 
Remember to enter our June Wordsearch competition. The prize this month is 4 TICKETS FOR ENGLAND’S LONGEST ZIPLINE courtesy of HANGLOOSE ADVENTURE, BLUEWATER. Entry deadline is 14th June 2021. The winner of the £50 GIFT VOUCHER to spend at BLUEWATER courtesy of THE VILLAGE ADVERTISER in the May competition was SUE HARDING of ELTHAM, the missing word being GODDESS. 
Advertising sales deadline for June is May 10th, 2021. Call our sales office on 01474 707484 or 01322 911875 or email 
The first week of June is ‘National Volunteers Week’, which should give folk lots of ways and means to help or support others in our communities who are perhaps struggling to get over the effects of the past year. Meanwhile, let the party begin, be it home or street, club, village or town. We have waited a long time to be natural and to have a good time. Perhaps try to do it locally but if you need to go away, go. Blow the virus webs away for it surely is time for refreshment both mental and physical and don’t forget to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday the 20th. Flaming June – bring it on! 
Carole, Sally and Colin. 
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