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Is a catastrophe coming? No fuel to put on the bonfires on firework night could be it! Perhaps folk aren’t going tocommemorate the Gunpowder Plot anyway. Several bonfire societies have folded and there doesn’t seem to bethe enthusiasm abroad for traditional events like there used to be. Could this be another effect brought on by thegreat societal hiccup caused by the pandemic? It is taking a long time for many things to get back to normal. Willnormal ever be the same and do people want it to be? Maybe it will take well into next year before stability returnsand life both at home, work and education adjusts to the new norms. In the meantime don’t forget to light afirework for old Guy Fawkes and remember that Halloween has just gone but Christmas is on the winter horizon
Remember to enter our November Word Search competition. The prize this month is. A CHOPPING BOARD AND CHEESE BOARD valued at £100 courtesy of WRIGHTSTONE specialists in Granite, Quartz and Marble worktops based in MEOPHAM. Entry deadline is 14th November, 2021. The winner of the AFTERNOON TEA for 2 at WHITE FINCH, BROOMFIELD FRUIT FARM in MEOPHAM, courtesy of PIPPA of WHITE FINCH in the October competition was. TERESA EVANS of BEXLEY, the missing word being - TOMBSTONE. 
Advertising sales deadline for December is November 10th, 2021. Call our sales office on 01474 707484 and 01322 911875 or email 
Wrotham Village are holding their annual firework display at the local cricket ground on Saturday 30th October from 5.30pm. Swanley’s annual firework display is being held at the Swanley Recreation Ground on Friday 5th November from 6pm. Eynsford Village Fireworks will take place at Furlongs Farm on Saturday 6th November from 6pm and Dartford Lions Firework Night takes place in Central Park on Saturday 6th November, 2021 from 5pm. Tickets for all events can be purchased online or at the event on arrival. Nothing lifts the spirits like a pyrotechnic extravaganza. Gazing to the heavens is a good way to forget, if only for a moment or two, problems on terra firma. With plenty to choose from this year. Another way is to lose yourself in a great show at a great arena. The Ministry of Sound is celebrating its 30th Birthday Party at the O2 Arena, Greenwich on the 13th November, featuring a classical orchestra alongside a string of superstar DJ’s providing a wonderful, involving musical night. Take a trip and immerse yourself in their music and they will be joined by a superstar line up of guest DJ’s to aid your enjoyment. 
Carole, Sally, Colin 
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