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On 8th September 2022 the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth ll reached across the world. She came to the throne at the tender age of 25 and delivered over 70 years of service during which she was an omnipresent figure, she was the very definition of what it is to be British! She leaves behind a big void to many people who say she was a constant presence, an uncontroversial figure in an ever-changing world and this granted her a lot of sympathy, not only here in Britain, but also around the world. 
She was the Queen of 15 nations, and her passing marks the end of a momentous chapter in Britain's history, with a fulfilled promise of a monarch who said she would devote her entire life to her country and its people. 
Thousands of people gathered outside Buckingham Palace in London, shedding tears and singing "God Save the Queen" in an impromptu show of emotion as news emerged that Queen Elizabeth II had died. 
Over the London skyline a double rainbow arched shortly before well-wishers fell into stunned silence as the Palace lowered its Union Jack flag to half-staff, signifying the death of the monarch. 
Many of us have grown up with Queen Elizabeth II as our monarch and know her only as our Queen. Now, as we move forward onto a new chapter in the life of the monarchy and Britain’s history with King Charles III, we can reflect on the duty of Queen Elizabeth II and the duty that lies ahead for our new monarch. 
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As we say farewell to our Queen Elizabeth II, perhaps now is a time to reflect on those departed that have influenced us in our lives past and present or perhaps find time to visit or call a close friend or family member that we have not seen in a while just to let them know that we care! 
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