January Edition 343

Dear Readers and Advertisers

A hundred years ago the 1st World War ended but it was followed with a pandemic – Spanish Flu. Unbelievably the first part of the next decade became known as the Roaring Twenties. Perhaps people were so relieved that these vastly bad events were over, that they let rip. There was an explosion of artistic, musical and dance innovation across continents and lots of things became giddy, flighty and light. This is what we have been led to believe but possibly only certain classes were affected by this joy and probably the masses only got a sniff of it. However, forgetting last year, could the Roaring 2020’s begin this year when the pandemic is over? Perhaps inspirational societal leaders will emerge with all the answers and solutions to put a smile on the face of the majority and take us, if not to the ‘promised land’, then a better, happier and more equal society. We must live in hope and belief that the mass vaccination programme now underway does the trick. What a surprise Christmas present it was to those who got the jab before the big day! Thousands more will benefit from it this month. Great that good old GB is leading the way into a better New Year and let’s hope that the vaccine take up spreads around the World so that we can all feel safe again and get back to some sort of normality.

Remember to enter our January Wordsearch competition. The prize this month is A MIXED BOX OF HOME MADE CHUTNEY’S AND JAMS courtesy of FRANK at FARNINGHAM KITCHEN. Entry deadline is January 14th, 2021.

The winner of the BUMPER CHRISTMAS HAMPER FOR A FAMILY OF 6, Turkey and trimmings courtesy of ISTEAD RISE BUTCHERS, Fruit and Vegetables courtesy of STEVE’S HERBERT ROAD and chocolates, biscuits, Christmas pudding, brandy butter and much, much more courtesy of us here at The Village Advertiser in the December competition was URSULA WHEATLEY of MEOPHAM. The missing word being JESUS.

Advertising sales deadline for February is January 10th, 2021. Call our sales office on 01474 707484 and 01322 911875 or email thevillageadvertiser@aol.co.uk

A good news fundraising story that came out at the end of the last year was announced by the North West Kent Group of churches, who achieved the magnificent sum of £2020 (very symmetrical with the year) from their enterprising Advent raffle, organised to help with a big drop in income due to the Covid 19 crisis.

Thank you to all our loyal advertisers, distributors and readers for sticking with us over the past difficult year. We hope you all had as good a Christmas as you could and we wish everyone a Very Happy New Year.

Carole, Sally & Colin


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Carole is one half of The Village Advertiser and together with Sally Oliver makes sure The Village Advertiser provides useful local business contacts to many households across Kent.